Tourist visa (validity 30 days)

Type of visa *       Processing time **            Fees ***

Single-entry          15 Business days               $290

Double-entry        15 Business days               $340

Single-entry           7 Business days                $380

Double-entry         7 Business days                $485

Single-entry           5 Business days                $415

Double-entry         5 Business days                $525

Single-entry           4 Business days                $590

Double-entry        4 Business days                 $700

Tourist visa (validity 3 years)

Type of visa *    Processing time .       **  Fees ***

Multiple                  15 Business days            $450

VIP Concierge Service   $149.00

If you feel dealing with visa application is too complicated then VIP Concierge Service is for you! With VIP Concierge Service we will take care of the visa application and will literally walk you step by step with everything. To receive VIP Concierge Service please call us at 818-7131717 or email to

                                        *Type of visa means how many times you can enter and exit Russia within visa validity.

                                        **Processing Time includes total time needed to process your visa.

                                        ***Fees include Consulate fees, Russian support fees (invitation and voucher), FedEx fee (including delivery to client) and Kosmos Travel processing fees.