In many years Kosmos Travel has been assisting thousands of people to obtain their Russian visa entry permit. With our superb clientele and extraordinary professionalism, we came to a point that obtaining Russian visa through us is a stress-free process. This page will take you through the most straight forward procedure in applying for a Russia visa. Proficiency is a product of our expertise and efforts to save you time and make your journey to Russia as pleasant as it can be.

** Please note due to the constant changes by Russian Officials, prices and processing time may change without notice. Please always call office to confirm everything. **

Russian Visa Entry Requirements:

To process your Russian Visa, we need following documents from you.

1. The original national passport with at least 2 blank visa-designated pages. It must be valid for at least six months after the date of proposed departure from Russia, be in a good condition and signed by the bearer. If your passport is damaged please obtain a new one before applying for the Russia visa. For the non-citizens of the United States please also provide copy of your Permanent Residence Card (GreenCard) or copy of your long term non-immigration legal status in US valid not less than 6 months from the date of your Russian visa application (could be work visa).

2. Each applicant must complete online visa application form. Please follow these directions precisely and you won’t have any problems.

– First time users must register online by clicking “COMPLETE NEW APPLICATION FORM”, then follow the instructions to create an account. It will ask you to create a password, you may choose “KOSMOS5200” or choose your own. If you prefer to choose your own password make sure you provide it to us together with your documents. This is required for us to make corrections on your visa application if we need to.

– You will be provided with your application ID number, please make sure you print this page entirely. This page, containing ID number and password (can be handwritten) must be submitted to us along with your application. Following that you may continue filling out the application form.

– Please make sure you fill out all questions applicable. If a question does not apply, please type “N/A”. If the answer is none, write “None”. After filling out the first page you will have an ability to “save draft” at the bottom of each consecutive page that you have finished filling out to get back to it in a later time. For the following questions, you may enter information provided below:

– type of passport: tourist

– name of host travel company: Kosmos Travel

– reference number:520

– confirmation: 122

– Once you have completed an application online, please print and sign the application form. Signature on visa application form must be original.

3. 2 standard passport size pictures (2×2), recently taken within past 6 month. Please do not attach them to the form.

4. Printed out page from electronic visa application site with your “VISA ID”.

Please submit all your documents to:

KOSMOS TRAVEL (For mail purposes only)


Contacts: Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our visa department by e-mailing to or calling at 818-713-1717.

Important Information!

Please note that it is a courtesy of any country to allow entrance on its territory. Permission to enter the Russian Federation is also a courtesy of the State. In accordance with the International Law, the Consulate in certain cases reserves the right to consider your visa applications for as long as it deems necessary. The Consulate may request additional documentation as well as personal interview with an applicant. Visa can be denied if the Consulate has reasons to believe that the Applicant’s visit to the Russian Federation is not desirable. Disclosure of the reason for denial can be withheld. Please also note that visa processing fees received from the applicant are non-refundable.

Upon arrival to Russian Federation if you stay in Russia more than seven business days you will have to register as a foreigner. This registration is mandatory as required by the Russian Law that regulates entry/exit and stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. Registration process is varied from registering in a hotel to registering at the Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or Russian Federal Immigration Service depending on which type of visas you have in your passport.

Visa processing starts only after we have collected all necessary documents and we can submit al your documents to the Consulate not earlier than 3 month before your arrival to Russia and is subject to change. If applicant needs to make changes in submitted paperwork before visa documents has been submitted to the Consulate please e-mail visa department to Visa-processing fees paid is not refundable. In case applicant requests correction in visa due to any reason other than computer misprint, applicant will have to reapply for a new visa. It is not possible to expedite visa processing after your documents have been accepted by the Consulate. The Consulate will not bear any responsibility for the errors in visas, which were not brought to their attention before departure from the USA and beforehand, within time allowing to review such visa. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How to read Russian Visa

For the former Soviet citizens only: При подаче документов на визу необходимо предоставить один из документов, подтверждающий отсутствие у заявителя на настоящий момент российского гражданства (копия выездной визы СССР, копия заграничного паспорта СССР или паспорта государства СНГ, с которым вы выезжали, копия свидетельства о натурализации США до 1997 года, иной документ). В соответствии с действующим российским законодательством российские визы гражданам России в том числе, имеющим просроченные российские загранпаспорта, не оформляются.